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Make your own Embeds (Ti's) with just a simple Prompt


This is a quick guide to making your own TI's. This does NOT REPLACE training them, there are many reasons training a TI is much better than doing it this way. But if you're looking for a way to store EASY prompts for future use? This tool is perfect. Also we're not sponsored by this.


Add it your extensions, I would hope by reading this you know how to install them. If NOT? Go to your extensions tab, please click on "INSTALL FROM URL" and paste that in the URL box, hit install. Then reload your UI after you're done.

(Please note, Batchlinks DOES support extensions)

How to make a TI


Kidding, if you're unsure how the process of training one goes - don't ask us, we've only done it a couple times and panic at the timing. So with THIS tool you're basically creating a prompt in 75 tokens or less.

Your FIRST STEP after installing and restarting is the following:

Check your prompt in txt2img or img2img, make sure the spacing is correct and make sure it's under 75 tokens.


SIGHS - If you're making one yourself in A1111, you're not injecting any malicious code yourself, so for NOW IT SHOULD BE SAFE. It's not like you're scamming a twitch streamer or youtuber for a tesla scam...

There ARE PT to safetensors converters out there, and i'm not sure where.. so yea. I've used one but i lost the link.

MOST PEOPLE MISTAKE The converted files for LORAS because the practice of converting TI's to safetensors isn't nearly as big of a deal as CKPT and larger PT/PTH files.

Aight, move along now what do i do?

Clearly this can do MORE than just what i'm telling you it does, but I Don't understand vectors and frankly I barely passed high school and got lucky with college but if you tell me that 3x3 is 6 again i'm gonna slap you lol. (This was a rareinsults thing on reddit ignore me)

The prompt i told you to create, and check the token count? The text box that's larger, paste that in there.

The 2nd textbox you see - please make sure you have a RELEVANT token name for your TI or you'll never remember it. (Or be me, name one Enchilada-Remix on purpose so nobody knows you and a friend just literally made the most teenager level meme prompt to see what it would do).

Ok it failed.

You didn't check your spaces, or how long your prompt is.

Suggestion would be CUT THE FAT- you can add "OFFICIAL ART" Etc to your prompt later on, make your TI a subject, or in our case we've made meme's and song lyrics.

This IS NOT FOOLPROOF: TRAINING THEM DOES A MUCH BETTER JOB 90% OF THE TIME - Sailor Moon Goth was an utter FLUKE - only because the prompt has been used on SEVERAL MODELS across the last 3 months.

When you're making a PROMPT TI - make sure you know at least 5 models can handle the process. Not every model's gonna like OsenayanFace or TrumpMeme.

ADVANCED? Can you teach me?

Well no, the whole thing has multiple things and it's not the only plugin that works - but it so far as been the only one you can DIRECTLY JUST DROP WORDS IN. There's other ones you can use to directly edit vector weights.

Wait -- you made ALL OF YOUR TI's via this?

No, just 90% of them. Isometric dreams + NegEmbed are trained. As for the anime one we yeeted i don't know where that went, i'm gonna find it again and test it and maybe re publish or try it again.

Remember: 75 tokens. Spacing has to be perfect, and you can't do weights. SO you can't do it like a lora in your prompt. This won't work for prompting 10 loras. It's gotta be a generic prompt.

The 70s rockstar one?

Dan Avidan lycoris prompt.

The leotard prompt with it was literally Danny Sexbang from Ninja Sex Party lol.

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