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Marvel's Secret Invasion Trailer Sparks AI Art Controversy in the Artist Community


Recently, Marvel's Secret Invasion trailer caused an AI Art Controversy level Twitter uproar among the artist community. The use of AI tools in the show's opening sequence led to misunderstandings and misinformation. In this blog post, we will delve into the frustrations surrounding this issue, highlighting the importance of a concise and accurate understanding of AI in art.

Marvel's Use of AI:

The controversy began with a tweet showcasing the Secret Invasion title sequence. Some artists criticized the use of AI tools by big studios, labeling it as exploitative and morally questionable. However, this argument overlooks the fact that AI can be a valuable artistic tool when used appropriately. It's essential to differentiate between the misuse of AI by big studios and the potential of AI in the hands of skilled artists.

Misinformation and Misunderstanding:

Publications like Polygon contributed to the misinformation by focusing on the abstract nature of the AI-generated sequence without providing insights into the process behind it. This lack of information led many to jump to conclusions about the quality of AI-generated art. It is crucial to understand that different AI models, such as Midjourney and Stable Diffusion, have unique characteristics and applications.

Accessibility and Gatekeeping:

One of the underlying issues in the artist community's reaction to AI is the fear of losing jobs and the perception that AI art is lazy or inferior. This gatekeeping mentality fails to acknowledge the diversity of artistic styles and the potential for AI to enhance creativity. Art should be accessible to all, regardless of the tools used.

The Role of Social Media:

Social media platforms often amplify the worst aspects of human behavior, leading to misinformation and divisive opinions. It is essential to approach discussions about AI in art with open-mindedness and respect for differing perspectives. Opinions should be based on accurate information rather than unfounded assumptions.


Art should be accessible to everyone, including AI generative artworks. Exploring new mediums, such as AI, allows for creative growth and experimentation. It is crucial to separate ethical concerns from the potential of AI in art creation. As artists, we should support one another and encourage the responsible use of AI tools. Let's embrace the possibilities AI offers and create art that reflects our unique visions.

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Duskfall Crew
Duskfall Crew
2023. szept. 13.

Just noting for future that if we miss a link or a citation it'll be in this forum post: - Everything SHOULD be in APA format or close to it. (As in we're lacking the italics part cause we have so many references) - This means that we're trying to be future academic friendly :)

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