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Plural Pride: Making Space


This is a short article explaining sort of what content we're planning on trying to make, and inviting others like us that are into AI to come create and enjoy Civit as a welcoming (ish cause y'know people don't always get it, and some people can be jerks lol) place to take space and flourish. Plural pride month WAS in July - and while at the same time Disability pride month was then too- It's almost September, and we feel like Plural Pride as WELL AS Neurodivergent pride should be all year!

Terminology & Resources

Resource terminology guide:

Non Profit for helping Plural/DID related communities:

What Is Plural? Who Is Plural?

Plural clearly is an english term for more than one, a few, more than two? It's also a term alternatively used by communities that feel they inhabit traits of being more than one. Now, medically and clinically for many this means Dissociative Identity Disorder or formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder (and some prefer that term, valid!). There are many outside the clinical range that while they may or may not have a clinical diagnosis - DID, OSDD or anything in the DSM just doesn't fit.

A lot of, and not all consider themselves a system, now that's not the only word considerably used in the community - and we don't have time to apply them all. We personally use "SYSTEM" as well as our system name being "Duskfall Portal Crew".

We're clearly a traumagenic system with some alternative spice on the side, and because this article isn't just about us - we're trying not to talk too much about us! :)

IS THAT what all the "VIRTUAL WORLD" duskfall loras are?

Yes, LOL. So some systems or collective identities use the word "ALTER" which stems from alternative personality I beleive? Some people use 'headmate' or other terminology (again there's a whole list on plural pedia of terms and words you can find out about).

but yes, Kitch is a sibling in another system (just because we're super stupid close to the DID system she resides in) and Lycoris or Lora like Tobias, Maverick, Matoya, Rana etc - are alters of ours - but also family to Kitch.

We also stim a bit as we're Autistic/ADHD and get flappy hands running when we see other people making content of our fictives. So if you wonder why sometimes we stick to certain content - that's hyperfixations for ya! :)


I have :) - I am medically recognized. We kindly ask that you take your phobias to the trash, because if you're NOT interested in sharing this space- you don't have to. Civit is for everyone, LGTBQIA+, Non Binary, Straight, Autistic, Intersex, Two spirit, ADHD and way more. Horror Fans, ANIME FANS - 3D makers and UI/UX Developers - Civit is a space for everyone.

If you think we need "help" that's kind of you to mention it, we're working on professional therapy - but sadly in New Zealand private and public therapy has a wait list a mile long.

Ok, I'll share space - how do I be an ally?

As you would for anyone else, be a friend. Of course, not everyone on civit wants to make close friends - but as you make allies as creators - think of what outside the box content you can make! *See the examples below!

However, one thing is to have an open ear, questioning someone in a healthy way when you don't understand something is valid - but sometimes people may not have answers. Just like with any mental health, or physical health issues - we only know what we experience and we only know what our doctors tell us -and we only know what the research outlines.

Many of us who identify as plural are also diverse in other ways. Fighting for space is just one more way to carve a space out for us.

We DO KNOW people don't want to engage with us, and that's where we explain here: We don't need everyone to be our allies, if you don't agree with us - that's valid. What we don't need is phobias, fake claiming and rude retorts and false information. (In the same token, we do note the ToS of civit and are trying to be careful on what we mention one way or another - so we don't have people taking things the wrong way).

Plans & Examples

Our Plans

We've started well in advance with Kitch, and other "VIRTUAL WORLD" loras that people misunderstand as "VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS" or "CHARACTERS". That in itself is fair, as long as people aren't throwing stones and are just enjoying the content.

We're a little early with Phoenix Montoya, who is now crowned as the accidental "clone" (but not factive) of XQC. (Someone literally asked if he was XQC LOL).

A lot of our alters that we create we use Second Life to model the data, get scenes and make sure it's high quality.


Nekopara/Catboy blonde hair, facial hair, wearing a grey collar shirt and is standing against a sky background
Phoenix Montoya

Short curly haired blonde male with a blue shirt - 3d render, laundry
Luca Solas

So our plans are to still do that for those that are requiring that in OUR specific system.

But our other plans are to roll through our list of fictives and others to see what else may be fun to create.

The ideas we have so far are:

Fixing Phoenix's lora.

Technoblade's Lora

(This is a fictive in another system, and we're aware MANY systems have one of him, but this is based on a Second Life avatar we made of him)

MCU fictives of ours: Re do Star Lord, Dr Strange, Fix the Salvador Larocca style lora data

Sheesh just so much ideas.

Invitation for Allies & Plurals

How can allies help?

If you even just make a character lora of something fairly popular and mention somewhere in your description that you're aiding the cause for Plural Pride month, you're aware that such and such subject exists - and that Plurals are welcome to use it for their needs!

Not like any other month we can't use them for our needs, but that it's nice just like LGBTQIA+ pride month, celebrating spaces where Diversity can thrive! :)

If you're an ally and you don't know what data you can use, feel free to ask us in discord and we'll converse! We may even create some extremely exclusive Second Life data for allies to use that isn't already created!

Other suggestions are:

Silly things like "This Headmate does not Exist" or "This alter does not exist" style loras/checkpoints- photorealistic, or even anime styled ones. Even if you're an ally making space for those to go "OMG! We exist!" - just is quite nice.

We're aware that Civit's population isn't exactly perfect, and we're expecting kickback from people who literally give 0 effs and shiz. It's fine, it's society - but Civit is for everyone, and we're attempting to create space for diversity where possible.


How to Support us:


Listen to the music that we've made that goes with our art:

We stream a lot of our testing on twitch:

Pre-Release Models, Lora Backups - Send us pizza!


TPA, Pluralpedia and any other PLURAL or medical resource cites are not advocated or engaged with Civit in any way shape or form. These links are not professional resources, and are not advised to be used as such. CivitAI is not a doctor, CivitAI is not a therapist - As much as Stable Diffusion feels like one.

If you're disinterested in how this article reads as you're against many of the topics in this article or things that we do - please just respectfully don't engage. In order to respectfully cull the drama on both ends - we ask there be respectful engagement only.

Also disclaimer: We're not medical professionals, and while we have noted one or two things about us specficially, they are not to be taken as advice medical or otherwise. This is a musings article, and any mentions of diagnosis or otherwise are self experience, and are not a catch all or be all or anything close to that.

We're attempting our best to ADHERE to the ToS of CivitAI, and the academic nature that brought us Stable Diffusion.

We have no history in the medical academic sphere, only a bachelors degree in Communication Design. The only claim we have within that is we were taught to create space and make waves in the design world, to innovate where possible and fight for the rights of others.

IF this article has harmed, and or gone against any rules or regulations please let us know.


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