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PoodaBeep Mix: Updates

So the effort in record keeping what we've made and used has been a strongly contested issue like it is with EVERY model merging and lora smooshing - like for everyone. Every model creator faces this issue.

So if where possible, I'll be blogging Earth and I's updates to models.

Well, likely Earth might do some soon just-- y'know I'm so used to doing all the tech bits.

This is what the new version looks like:

Anyways! This is a simple update, because I've spent HOURS on this.

Let's break this down into what I ACTUALLY can ascertain to what finally went into this after hellfire, brimstone and everything inbetween:

Poodabeep's August 2023 Update is unlikely to contain models other than our own but I know that's untrue - there might be a couple in the backmix this time - but we struggled with A1111 for some reason this time everything just kept corrupting.

As soon as we'd download something, the safetensors thing would just explode at us.

I had to literally manually install things via terminal to get supermerger to work, only for ADETAILER to fail on me lol.

Yea, I realize I should've just tried the old copy that VastAI has of A1111, because I wasn't working with SDXL.

Anyways the MODELS THAT WE DOWNLOADED extra doesn't mean that any of these DID make the final cut - just that I'm not sure.


Models of ours that may or may not have made the cut:

And for LORA?

In the end we ended up NOT using the David Finch one, but we may have kept it in one of the back mixes I don't remember so i'm crediting it here LOL- I'll find the links and share them below!

We'll start trying to update on this as much as possible. As for finding this model on civitAI?

Currently probably not UPDATED as of this post, but if the pics match above then you're good!


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