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At Earth & Dusk, creativity thrives. Explore our diverse commissions: AI generative art like Loras and Checkpoints, plus traditional media such as Music and Graphic Design. Unleash boundless creativity with us.

Services Available

AI Training

Unlock infinite artistic possibilities with our AI generative art service, specializing in Lora & Checkpoint creations.

Graphic Design & Art

Unleash your creativity with our Graphic Design and Digital Art commission service, where innovation knows no bounds.


Discover the rhythm of possibility with our Music offerings. Royalty-free tunes for smaller projects or licensed tracks for larger endeavors.

Why Choose Us?

At Earth & Dusk, creativity thrives in a space dedicated to inclusivity and empowerment. Our diverse range of commissions, from groundbreaking AI generative art like Loras and Checkpoints to timeless traditional media such as Music and Graphic Design, not only unlocks boundless creativity but also supports our mission to provide a safe and empowering platform.


Every commission you make with us directly contributes to the betterment of our community, as profits are reinvested to service the needs of others. By choosing our services, you're not only unlocking boundless creativity but also supporting accessibility and equality in entertainment.

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