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System Terms: Anamriel



Anamriel was coined by Pluralpedia user Earthnicity and Duskfallcrew on October 27 2023. It has since been posted now on Tumblr via Earth & Dusk Media and the Earth & Dusk media website.


A system identity characterized by the deep-seeded feeling that two or more of its members are, or were at one point, a soul of their own, housed by and sharing one physical form amongst multiple potential soulforms.


From Goidelic-Celtic, meaning "Soul".


of or relating to the identity of oneself that can only be equated to "an innate feeling housed deep within one's soul".


(This terminology "soulform" is subject to change, please check the linked pluralpedia page or our website for changes - the description won't change the phrase itself might.)

An alter who holds the belief that they are, or were, their own soul to be their personal truth with no physical evidence to prove it either way.

Anamriel flag designed by Earthnicity and Duskfallcrew of Earth and Dusk media. It contains a chevron pattern on a dark grey background with red, light blue, green, gold, purple and white chevron stripes.
The Anamriel Flag designed by Earthnicity and Duskfall Portal Crew
Coming soon:

Color symbolism, and full print PNG download as well as links to the merch store. The full PNG download will always be free, but consider purchasing stickers or a hoodie to help offset the cost of software!


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